BeYOURSeLF is a unique solution
combining the advantages of working in an innovative space,
beneficially influencing one’s productivity and creative thinking
with an easy access to separate working spaces for each company.

we give you a combination of the best aspects
of a traditional lease and co-creating



  • dedicated working space with full access control
  • open space
  • meeting rooms
  • kitchenette
  • offices
  • common space
  • unique design
  • flexible lease conditions
  • workshops/events/trainings
  • networking


easy rules,
all included


per person

A convenient system based on a fixed monthly fee for each employee. You can easily adjust the size of your team to your current needs and business situation.

Brain Embassy
membership included

BeYOURSeLF membership covers an unlimited access to the best co-creating space in Poland for each of your employees. It’s a place where creative ideas develop faster than anywhere else and a rich training and special events program creates unique opportunities for business networking.

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